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I am a multipotentialite*. I have many varied interests and embrace fusing them, evolving them, and inspiring others. One thing holds constant: I love learning, growing, and helping others to do the same. My experience with dance has taught me the importance of both following and leading, and that leading can often look like following. My fascination with dog training has opened my eyes to new ways of approaching education and leadership. The improvisational theatre classes I’ve taken showed me how to accept others’ ideas and enthusiastically add to them (the “Yes, and…” concept). Ask me about other hobbies!

*term coined by Emilie Wapnick in a wonderful TED Talk. http://www.puttylike.com


Interactive Design
Rapid Prototyping
Design Thinking
Artificial Intelligence
Focus Groups
Mind Mapping
Heuristic Evaluation
Field Observation
Data Analysis
Video editing
Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro 7
Adobe Story
Critical Thinking
Canon 70D
Project Management
Accepting Feedback
“Yes, and…”


UX Designer/Researcher                              Virtually Better, Inc.            11/2014-05/2016

I wrote the artificial intelligence (dialogue trees) for 14 characters in a therapeutic game using ToyTalk’s PullString. I designed the flowcharts for adult educational games using Twine and Omnigraffle. I wrote interactive scripts for games using various software. I based all my writing and game design elements off collaboration between psychology researchers in universities around the country, our programmers’ capabilities and time it would take artists to produce. I also created video and still mock-ups of games to communicate game ideas to researchers. Reason for leaving: it became difficult to learn new material and conquer new challenges. References: Andrew Currie, Greg Frame

Videographer & UX Researcher                  Georgia Tech                        01/2014-05/2014

I collaborated with the head of marketing and researchers to record interviews. I recorded using a Canon T3i and ZOOM H1, and edited the footage into short videos for the website using Premiere Pro. I also surveyed students and professors to determine user needs for the Usability Lab, which I organized and converted from a storage room into a usable usability lab. I also prepared speakers and recorded screencasts of weekly presentations. Reason for leaving: Graduation from Georgia Tech. References: Josh Preston, Derek Yeung, Sean Brennen

Videographer & UX Designer                                             Protective Life                      05/2013-08/2015

Edited, produced & designed short videos about insurance and the user experience of Protective’s customers. I developed customer personas, journey maps, identified pain points, and designed a physical model of the customer’s journey for employees to walk through. Reason for Leaving: Completion of summer internship. References: Lance Poole, Ben Schroer

3D Technology/Virtual Reality Developer                     U. of Alabama-Birmingham            01/2012-06/2012

Created 3D digital models and animations for a VR cave and middle school teachers using a laser scanner, Autodesk Maya, Rapidform, and Python. I attended Math and Science Partnership events to research how 3D technology could benefit K-12 education. I researched wearable technology and other usability issues to help train military medics using our VR cave system. Reason for leaving: Started graduate school at The Georgia Institute of Technology. References: Corey Shum, Scott Wehby

Psychological Tester                                  Brookwood Hospital           02/2008-06/2008

Trained to conduct IQ and dementia tests for adults. I observed several testing sessions and read the results of IQ, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and dementia tests. Reason for leaving: I was also a licensed massage therapist for the clinic and I was getting booked with massage work. References: Dr. Rick Azrin, Shane, T. Shane Smith


Degree Major Institution Graduated
Human-Computer Interaction
Georgia Institute of Technology
Interdisciplinary program spanning Psychology, Industrial Design, Computing, and Digital Media designed to provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge to become leaders in producing human computer interfaces.
U. of Alabama – Birmingham
Studied the four subfields of Anthropology: Culture, Linguistics, Archeology and Biological Anthropology. Trained with the FBI in Forensic Anthropology. Produced documentaries in Ethnographic Filmmaking.
Jefferson State Community College
Developmental, Abnormal Psych, Archeology, English, History, Math, etc
Therapeutic Massage and NMT Therapy
Red Mntn Ins. for the Healing Arts
Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular massage techniques, A&P, Massage Pathologies, Ethics, Business, Meditation


Description My Role Dates
Pegasys – game for children with social anxiety (VBI)
AI writing, user needs
2015     – 2016
Mobile 3D game for clinical psychologists working with children aged 7-12 who have social anxiety. The game is set in an elementary school and is populated with 14 child and adult characters with artificial intelligence. I conducted user studies with children, and collected, transcribed and organized the data gathered and then used it to write the AI conversations for 11 sessions. Examples of sessions are “Greetings”, “Assertiveness” or “Compliments”, which guide the children to specific types of conversations to have with the game characters.
Experience Success – educational game for obese adults (VBI)
Interactive script writing
2014 – 2016
Web-based interactive game to educate obese adults in dealing with social situations while dieting. I wrote an interactive script based on research using Twine.

Developed flowcharts of the game using Omnigraffle while collaborating with an obesity researcher, programmers, and artists.

Organized video footage in flowcharts for the programmer and continued collaboration with the obesity research expert.

Office of International Education Video – teaching foreigners
Video editing
45-minute video integrating interviews, short narrative skits, and narration with text to educate international college students regarding U.S. culture and assist them with transitioning. I collaborated with the director of the program to determine her user needs and edited 20 hours of raw video, audio, and text files into a 45-minute video which they presented to an incoming group of international students.

“Best Editor” award.

References: Meghan Popick, Dave Lillethun

Georgia Tech’s Clough Art Crawl – Sculptures at an art show
Interactive design
2013 – 2014
Committee member and helped organize the 2014 show.

Won the “People’s Choice” award for a paper maché sculpture of E.T. that I embedded an Arduino, accelerometer, speaker, and LED into. When someone touched the sculpture, the theme song would play and the finger lit up. The accelerometer detected how E.T. was touched, which determined how fast the song played.

Two of my other sculptures were put on display in 2014.

References: John Powers, Tearanny Street

Joystick for documentary video editors
Prototyping, User research
2013 – 2014
Interviewed 12 documentary video editors and observed editors at work for 20 hours to determine user needs. Built a hardware and software prototype to improve transcription workflow using a joystick, Arduino Leonardo, Inqscribe, and Balsamiq. I developed research plans, wrote surveys, and conducted user studies with both the joystick and UI prototype. Users were disappointed when they could not buy the prototype.

References: John Thornton, Julie Grimm, Trevor Keller, Gordon Ray

Assistive Treadmill for the visually impaired
Prototyping, User research
Collaborated with the Center for the Visually Impaired to interview several persons with visual impairment and conduct focus groups to determine user needs regarding exercise for our target user group. Developed a prototype using a wireless mouse and a method of Wizard-of-Ozing a treadmill experience that incorporated tactile and audio feedback for controlling a treadmill. Developed a research plan, wrote surveys, and conducted user studies with a group of young adults with visual impairments. References: Bruce Walker, Anisio Correia, Hitesh Chabra, Mudit Gupta



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