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About Erin

Hello! Welcome to Monkey Tail Multisensory Massage Therapy. Erin Hennessy (that’s me!) earned her 720-hour Therapeutic Massage and Neuromuscular Massage certificate in 2003, her B.A. in Anthropology in 2010, and M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction in 2014. She was also accepted to the MS in Occupational Therapy program in 2010, where she learned about multisensory disorders and many topics relating to scientific healthcare research, therapy, and disabilities for a semester before moving on to her HCI degree. That is where she learned about haptic feedback, assistive technology, game design, prototyping, and more about conducting human research studies.

About Monkey Tail Multisensory

The name “Monkey Tail” comes from my desire to move freely around and above my client, like a monkey swinging in a tree. I also admire primates for being so comfortable in nature and in their own skins, unashamed of possible flaws in physical appearances. I aspire to having a goofy side, free of anxiety and fear of what others think of me. Lastly, I love the work that primatologists do in teaching humans about ourselves through the study of other primates, like monkeys.

The “Multisensory” aspect of my business is derived from being a highly sensitive person myself, and having studied the benefits of multisensory rooms (Snoezelen rooms) while studying to become an Occupational Therapist. I am hyper-aware of my surroundings and feel great joy from carefully crafted experiences, including the environment in which it’s done. I love dancing, and have found profound joy in my work when I utilize the music to enhance the massage. I build my own playlists for this purpose and am sensitive to my clients’ needs regarding music choice, as well as any other needs, because I can very much relate!


Firstly, choose whether you want me to come to you, you will come to me, or if you’re scheduling for a chair massage at a business or event.

If I come to you, I will need assistance with any stairs, and about 15 minutes to set up my equipment. If you come to me, be aware I have a dog and a cat in case you have severe allergies to either. If no allergies, feel free to request a hairless cat to snuggle with you. He loves snuggling.

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