Work History

Game/UX Designer                  Virtually Better, Inc.                                   11/2014 – 05/2016

The company: 

Half of this company is a psychology clinic that uses virtual reality and exposure therapy to help patients with PTSD, phobias, and anxiety. The other half is game development to create the programs for the therapists to use as well as create other games and programs that psychological researchers around the country use for research purposes. We develop educational games as well as exposure therapy games in a variety of formats, including web, mobile, VR, and software applications. We get our funding through grants that are written and signed by two principal investigators – one at Virtually Better and one at the research institution that we collaborate with for that particular project. We typically have about 6 projects going at a time.
New article interviewing our founder/owner, Barbara Rothbaum, one of our psychologists and the lead game designer:

My role:

I collaborate with the lead game designer and the principal investigators on every project to help determine requirements for the games. I also write scripts for interactive experiences and artificial intelligence when a project calls for it. We have only done one user study since I’ve been here, but I assisted with that and will be the lead user researchers for any future user research we do. I also help create the game design documentation.


Graphic, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center at The Georgia Institute of Technology

01/2014 – 05/2014

The Center:

Several research labs as well as seminar rooms and media and communications for Georgia Tech. It hosts lunches with speakers for all students and faculty to attend and several other events.
Example lunch presentation:

My role:

I recorded weekly presentations that GVU hosted using a software program that integrated the speaker’s computer slides into the final video. Occasionally I recorded other presentations at the center. I also worked with the research communications officer to develop interviews with researchers in the GVU Center and did the recording and editing of those interviews using a Canon T3i, Zoom H4N and Adobe Premiere. Lastly, I organized the Usability Lab and talked to students in the Human-Computer Interaction program (my classmates) who regularly require the Usability Lab, which was in disrepair when I started.


Enabling Technologies Lab at The University of Alabama at Birmingham

01/2012 – 07/2012

The Lab:

Largely funded by the Department of Defense when I was there, this lab focused on helping military medics train for combat medical situations. We had a virtual reality cave with a combat simulation and a computerized medical dummy on the floor of the cave which medics had to treat while also using a controller to shoot at enemies coming from 3 walls of the VR cave. We also created aerodynamic simulations for engineering students and 3D models using Maya and a 3D scanner.

My role:

I created 3D models using the scanner, RapidForm, and Autodesk Maya. I also attended Math and Science Partnership events for high school teachers to collaborate on how 3D technology could be implemented in high school classrooms to enhance education. I created a 3D animation for one high school teacher who wanted students to dissect owl pellets. I also created some animations for the VR cave for demonstrations and worked on improving the usability of the VR cave by combining all the wires involved into a jacket that could be worn to keep the wires from interfering with the simulation.
Video I made out of love for the lab and the scanner:

Freelance Videographer

02/2011 – 09/2013
I took paid and unpaid positions making short videos that included interviews, camera work, directing, and editing. My strengths are in filming interviews and editing.

M.S. Student in UAB Occupational Therapy program

08/2010 – 12/2010
Studied research methods, statistics, user needs for people with disabilities, and low vision rehabilitation techniques.

Brookwood Hospital – Psychology Office

02/2008 – 08/2010
I produced advertisements, gave shoulder massages to nurses, and conducted therapeutic massage. The psychology clinic I worked with also trained me to conduct IQ and dementia tests and assist with other office duties.

Massage Therapy

02/2004 – 12/2012
I’ve worked in spas, hair salons, psychiatric clinics, massage clinics, hospitals and my own establishment as a licensed massage therapist. I took continuing education courses around the country. I interviewed clients daily to determine their needs, both physical and emotional. I discussed with them alternative activities and movements to help them live with less pain. I also executed therapeutic bodywork techniques to relieve clients of physical pain.

Rite-Aid, which became Dollar General as I worked there

1999-2002 (I think)
I ran the cash register, helped customers with their needs, stocked supplies, cleaned, and participated in training days.

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