Invisible Goals


Swordfish, Underwater Hockey 

Beard No Beard


Dukes of Hazzard, Sweded 

3D Laser Scanner 

Hydrate Jirate, Self-Portrait 

Other work:
Mommy Uncensored, “Ghetto Love” – edited the raw footage into a 20 minute web episode
Buzz Studios: Behind the scenes videographer/photographer, Editor
Beard no Beard – 3 minute music video
Bike Tour – documentary about a farm bike tour
Office of International Education at Georgia Tech – Edited raw R3D camera footage. Cut about 5 hours of interviews into 30 minutes. Edited sketches together.
Thank You, Joan – Interviewed & filmed students, parents and teachers of a private high school. Edited about 7 hours of interview and school footage down to a 15 minute video

Unpublished Videos for work or school:

  • Drunk Frankenstein
  • ET Wedding
  • Pull the Plug
  • Anchors Away tutorials
  • Joystick tutorial
  • Toughtalks demo
  • Mockup videos – Obesity intro, Pegasys walkthrough
  • PMAC
  • RenFest
  • Mommy Uncensored, “Reality Show”
  • Wood shop footage
  • AT&T video
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere

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