I took my first programming class, “Introduction to Python”, in 2011. The final exam involved making a maze game, and the big class project was to make an animation. I was pleasantly surprised to see how enjoyable it was.

I went on to work at the ETLab making virtual reality animations and learning more programming from the excellent leaders of the lab, Corey Shum and Mark.

I left the ETLab to attend Georgia Tech studying Human-Computer Interaction. I completed some sonification and Arduino projects using my programming skills.


  • Animation – created sprites that moved along lines of color that a person could draw
  • Maze game – our final exam involved creating a maze that a player could move their character through while having to avoid monsters and not walk through the walls
  • Virtual Reality – programmed some simple animations to display in a VR cave


  • E.T.
  • Communication Necklace
  • Sonification of Human Movement
  • Transcription Joystick
  • Cat harness

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