In one of my Anthropology classes, Ethnographic Filmmaking, we used an emic approach to fieldwork to create two short documentaries over the course of a semester.

For our first project, I was paired with one other student and given a list of local communities to choose from. We chose to make our 3-minute documentary about “YouthBuild“, a program that trains young people who dropped out of high school how to do construction work and pass the GED.

For my second documentary, I paired up with another student who was interested in people with visual impairments. Neither of us had personal experience with visual impairments, but for some reason we were both fascinated with the issue. We talked to a few people at Alabama School for the Blind, watched documentaries about the topic, read several articles and bits of books, and interviewed several people within 70 miles who had visual impairments, including Ricky Trione, a blind artist.




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