Dance Experience

Atlanta Varsity Showdown

10/30/15 – 11/01/15

Volunteered at the registration desk Friday night

Beginner classes attended as a lead:

  • “Adding on to the swingout” with Michael G. and Jaya
  • “Building Your Basics (Lindy Hop)” with Michael B. and Dee
  • “Partnered Charleston” with Michael and Jaya

Intermediate classes attended as a follow:

  • “Solo movement” with Falty. This was a rhythm class. He used a metronome and had us dancing on various beats, emphasizing the 1, 2, 3, or 4 of a measure and moving to eighth, quarter, half, or whole notes.
  • “Getting Rhythm: How both partners can independently emphasize rhythm in all the spaces of a dance” with Jenny as a follow.
  • “Solo-mazing” with Falty
  • Intermediate “Bal-Swing inspired” with Dan and Jenny.

Teacher Training classes:

  • Michael B. and Dee. Dee talked about some similarities between teaching elementary school students and dance students. Focus a class on dance shapes vs footwork vs energy. Then they had us analyze a move and try to figure it out in groups of 6.
  • Michael G. and Jaya. They talked about influencing people by being enthusiastic about it.

Sweet Georgia Blues


Dance 101

Gotta Dance Atlanta

Greenville Blues Exchange

Lindy Focus 2014

Lindy Focus 2009




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